Daily Nugget of Gold 1360

Imagination and fiction make up more than three quarters of our real life.” – Simone Weil

Daily Nugget of Gold 1360

The Weaknesses of the Senses and Logic

We rely on our senses to an almost overwhelming degree. This really isn’t arguable, but we can also look at what we sense through a logical analysis. Even then, our applied logic will likely take us back to how our senses are mostly true. How do we evaluate whether or logic is sound or not? We suppose we could test it out, but often what we call “logic” is really a combination of memories of experiences, prejudicial thinking, assumed “facts” and more.

We’d like to give an example of how difficult it is to come up with something we could call “truth”. Suppose you wanted to buy a name brand technical gadget of some sort. You might go to a retailer and look at one, hold it in your hands, see what the specifications are. You could further seek out independent opinions- you know- like those reviews you see on the web. The reviews are glowing, and the company name is reassuring, so you get it.

Let’s say that within a short time it seems to be performing not nearly as well as expected. Let’s also stipulate that it’s under warranty. Most of us are usually happy with something like a one year warranty- happy at least up to the point of where we actually have to use one. We find out that we need to pay the shipping to return the item. Fair enough, we reckon, so we do. We return it and they say it can’t be fixed and they send a replacement. Then let’s suppose we have trouble with that one, too.

Upon doing a bit of digging, we find out that the device wasn’t made by the manufacturer we thought it was, it was a product that licensed their name to be placed on it. Suppose the warranty process becomes more and more cumbersome with tech support reps in another country, sound familiar? Were you aware when you sought out the “independent” reviews that these people are often compensated heavily- often to the tune of earning six figure incomes doing this part time work writing glowing reviews for everything they get? This probably happens more often than you might think, and there have been investigative reporting done on just that topic.

What was seemingly a simple purchase made by an educated consumer may have left you with a very bad taste in your mouth. We wanted to relate to our readers a fairly common event that didn’t actually happen to us personally- but that we were aware of. Why? Not to make people far more cautious about the purchases they make (although that’s also a laudable goal)- we did this because we have a message here which is far more important for us to understand. And that is- what- exactly? Dang! We’re out of space again for today’s segment. Can we coax you back for the next installment?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What brings me the most true happiness in life?”

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