Daily Nugget of Gold 1374

Your real self – the ‘I am I’ – is master of this land, the ruler of this empire. You rightfully have power and dominion over it, all its inhabitants, and all contained in its realm.” – Robert Collier

Daily Nugget of Gold 1374

Incorporating Observations

We’re using a neutral title for this rather than talking about positive or negative things we can bring into our being, making them part of us. This is sort of like the kind of language we hear in recipes sometimes, something like “whipping a mixture incorporates air into it”. The air becomes part of the mixture and changes the characteristics and texture of what we’re making. It’s something like that, when we observe something- positive or negative- in a particular way.

Okay, so now you’re telling us that if we merely observe something positive or negative, it can change us? Well, yes, but we did add the caveat that it needs to be observed in a particular way. The good news is that there is a way of avoiding incorporating negatives into our hearts, the catch on this is that it takes some work. Conscious effort is required to avoid having negative things take hold and conscious effort is usually needed to get the maximum benefit out of observing positives.

Before we get into examples to illustrate how this all works, we should also say that a particular event, or a trait or habit someone has, or even a result we may have obtained for ourselves in trying to accomplish something isn’t really positive or negative in and of itself. This is a tricky thing, but also one of the most fantastic things which can propel us light years ahead in obtaining our goals.

The thing about all of this is we get to decide what something means AND we get to decide whether or not we wish to attach an emotional response to it. We’re going to examine the positives of all of this in our next meeting, but for this one, let’s briefly touch on the dangers associated with observing and becoming emotionally involved with a negative.

Let’s say you get someone behind you in traffic just lay on their horn for like 10 seconds when the light turns green. If we respond in anger then what we have effectively done is to take their anger and make it part of us! We’ve not only observed their negative behavior, but we’ve “incorporated” into our heart. As the day progresses, we might recall the event several times more, maybe even complain about it. Each time we do this, we are conditioning ourselves in a negative way and when we do that there’s bound to be a net negative effect from The Law of Attraction as well.

Our next session will discuss strategies we can employ to not only insulate ourselves from negatives like these, but to keep them from being sensed in a negative way in the first place. Won’t you join us? It should be fun!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How do I normally react when something negative happens to me?”

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