Daily Nugget of Gold 1375

It is not our mistakes that define who we are; it is how we recover from those mistakes.” – Bo Bennett

Daily Nugget of Gold 1375


No, we aren’t talking about adding insulation to our home, not that this isn’t a bad thing to do- but to ourselves. Before you run out and buy layers of clothes, however, that’s not what we’re taking about either. What we are referring to here is the kind of thing we do for ourselves in a mental way so as to avoid having negative people, events, and circumstances control us. This work not only pays off in our being in a better mood more of the time, but it helps to keep even more things of a negative nature away from us through the workings of The Law of Attraction.

It’s certainly true that “things happen” and to an extent, we may not be in complete control of that. From that point on however, we have far more control over what’s going on than most people believe. If something happens, it is we who decide whether or not this experience is a positive thing or a negative thing. Say we broke an arm, something most people would likely call negative, isn’t it true that a few folks just might look at this another way? We could be grateful that our injury wasn’t more severe. We could be thankful that with today’s medical technology we can diagnose the problem and come up with the appropriate treatment far better than people did 200 years ago.

A person with a broken arm these days has a much better chance of a full recovery than before, right? What other things could be positive about this experience? We will likely meet people we wouldn’t have otherwise met because of that. Each of these people presents an opportunity for us to make them feel good about themselves through our appreciation of what they do to help us. By the way, your author having been born of parents who wouldn’t have met except for an injury which required hospitalization, is keenly aware how life can take a negative and turn it into a positive.

When we are faced with what seems like a negative situation, instead of slapping ourselves in the head and asking, “Why me?”, we can exclaim, “That’s GOOD!” and then proceed to find out what’s good about it. We could make ourselves sit down and think about all the good things that could come of this, immediate and long-term. We could focus so much on the positive attributes and outcomes of this situation that the negative just wilts from neglect.

Why go through the trouble to do this? For a couple of reasons: For one, we’d feel better sooner. We’ll eventually get over the negative anyhow, why not do that now instead of later? The other big reason is that we cannot attractive much in the way of positive things into our lives if we are in a negative state of mind. Even if we do catch a break while being negative, it is far more likely to be tainted in some way compared to our reception of it with a positive mental attitude. Our next discussion with focus on techniques we can employ to keep ourselves positive in spite of events that we weren’t expecting. Stay tuned!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to change the definition of something someone else might call negative?”

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