Daily Nugget of Gold 1376

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin

Daily Nugget of Gold 1376

Spirit Lifters

Let’s talk about the rewards of keeping in a positive state of mind. If we can stay positive despite the negative people, events, and conditions which come our way, we can have more of what we want through the operation of The Law of Attraction. Today we’re going to suggest several strategies to help keep ourselves positive in spite of it all.

Detachment. This is a mental trick we do within our own mind where we step away from the situation we’re in and instead proceed as if it didn’t happen to us. Instead of being a player in the scene, we become an observer. Let’s say Mary is mad at us for something we didn’t do, we could see this scenario played out as if she were really mad at a friend of ours or even an acquaintance, instead of us. Let’s just be ready to reconnect when something positive transpires with her, okay?

Forgiveness. Let’s be willing to let things go so that they don’t become intertwined with everything we think or feel about someone, something, or someplace. Letting go keeps the negative field of energy away from our hearts and allows us to recover quickly from disappointments.

Transmutation. Say WHAT? Yeah, this word isn’t the easiest to understand but employing it gives us real power over what happens. We actually talked about this already a little bit, it’s when we choose to find the positive in what others might call a negative experience. It’s not changing “what is” but we do change the meaning of “what is” at least as far as we are concerned.

Humor. If we can find something funny in what we are experiencing, we blunt the ability of it to put us in a negative state of mind. It’s hard to be a negative Nancy when you’re laughing, true?

Education, Awe, and Wonder. If we can vow to learn something from an experience, we add value to it. If instead our feeling frustrated, we have a sense of awe or wonder as to what germinated the negative thing, that can help us deal with it in a positive state of mind rather than a negative mindset.

Keeping in the best of moods is what lubricates the wheels of the conveyor belt bringing to us what we want from life, via The Law of Attraction. Do most people manage to do this? No. Do a few manage to make it happen? Yes, actually very few. What are your chances of success? One hundred percent if you decide to work at it long enough to master it. What are your chances of having The Law of Attraction whip your butt? 100% if you don’t care to control your state of mind. Which do you want?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to help keep myself in the best of moods?”

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