Daily Nugget of Gold 1377

Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” – Zig Ziglar

Daily Nugget of Gold 1377

It Could Have Been Worse

Alright, there’s a strange title for a positive publication, agree? Last time we talked about various techniques for dealing with negative people, events, or circumstances and we gave our readers a lot to chew on. This page will be dedicated to what is probably one of the most effective ways we can look at things in order to cast them in a positive light: Gratitude. That being said, is it true that we can actually shift our mood from negative to positive based on being grateful that the situation at hand could have been worse? You betcha!

Suppose you have a coworker spreading vicious rumors about you, what could be worse than that? Well, think about it. At least they didn’t come into work and gun you down, instead. Yeah, that’s a little extreme- but yes- if that’s true then it IS something you could be grateful for. If they spread rumors about you, you can probably be grateful that in the eyes of many people they are really only harming themselves. You could be grateful that they don’t taint your coffee, or scratch up your car at the workplace. We’re not condoning the telling of lies by your coworker here, what we are addressing is how to handle this in a positive way rather than a negative way. You can combine this, “It could be worse” gratitude with some of the other techniques we discussed last time to make sure you stay in a happy, joyous, and free state of mind.

Suppose you lost an eye, an arm, and a leg in an auto accident, what then? Could it be worse? Absolutely. You see, it’s easy to imagine that losing both eyes, both arms, and both legs would be worse, isn’t it? There are folks out there who actually have it worse and yet manage to lead positive, productive lives. Think of Stephen Hawking, for instance. Here’s a guy who is pretty much down to just the use of his brain, and OH, what a brain! If we are ever tempted with self-pity, we ought to take a moment and reflect on how it could be worse than it is, and then use the place we where find ourselves right now as a starting point to the rest of our lives. “It’s always darkest before dawn”, the old saying goes. We suppose there’s a great way of putting it. Dawn always comes, though, true?

Feeling grateful (that it wasn’t worse) is a really awesome way to live life when negative stuff happens. We got an early start on thinking this way from a song by Arlo Guthrie called The Pause of Mr. Claus. Mr. Guthrie also nicknamed this song The FBI Song and the idea he was putting forth was even the last guy on earth-luck wise- could attract attention to himself and have the FBI spend countless amounts of money and time investigating him due to a single phone call. You might want to check that song out, it’s hilarious!

Gratitude is the key to staying positive.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

With all of this going on right now, what am I grateful for?”

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