Daily Nugget of Gold 1381

Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.” – W. Clement Stone

Daily Nugget of Gold 1381

Don’t Be Afraid

We’re working on identifying and devastating mental weed right now, and last time we identified what we called the “Dandelion of Mental Weeds” as negativity. We’re going to call this next one “The Crabgrass of Mental Weeds” for once it takes root, it can quickly take over and change our mental landscape for the worse. We’ve dropped a couple of hints as to what it is, so astute observers already know our next subject: Fear.

Fear often is abrupt and straightforward. There’s no mistaking being afraid of heights if you are, or fearful of snakes if they bother you. There’s nothing nonchalant about things like fear of death, either. So in-your-face can fear be, that it would be very easy not to see it in its subtler varieties. Often, when we are discussing our preferences, we are actually revealing our inner-most fears. The tricky thing here is to separate out things that we have logically decided against from those we hold an illogical inhibition from. As if that task wasn’t difficult enough, many- if not most- of our “preferences” are actually the result of our past associative conditioning and as such, have roots that go deep into our subconscious mind.

We’ve actually got to come face to face with it first and realize that the reason we aren’t doing a particular thing is out of fear. If we are procrastinating on something, often times we are doing so based on some sort of a fear. Maybe it’s just the fear of the pain we will need to go through in order to get the thing done. Once we identify a fear, we can cure it. We will allow Mark Twain to deliver the magic cure: “Do the thing you fear the most and death of fear is certain.” (This quote is also sometimes attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Is it really that simple? Just do what we fear? Well, yes, but we may need more than one application. The quote didn’t say that. We did. Why? Because of that associative conditioning thing we were talking about. Take public speaking, for instance. You may not cure the fear doing it just once. You’ll more likely need to do it again and again until you can do it with relative ease and comfort. If your goals require it, that’s good to know, because even if you feel lousy doing it, you will eventually overcome the fear enough to function- but you may never actually like it. Just the same, through the process of doing it, you’ve mastered the fear instead of having fear master you.

Now that we have some of the biggies covered, we can move onto some other mental weeds and aggressively destroy them all. See you next time for that!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to face my fear and be done with it?”

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