Daily Nugget of Gold 1391

The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

Daily Nugget of Gold 1391

The Gift of the Negative

It’s true that without the negative of anything we wouldn’t have the contrast we need to appreciate the positive, but that’s not what we mean by this particular title. When we are handed a negative situation, or when we notice we are in negative state of mind, or even when someone we know seems to be raining on our parade, we have at that moment a great gift. We’re totally serious about that. Most people want just the goodies in life and do whatever they can to avoid those things they don’t like or want. We would rather have what we want come easily and without effort, or so we’d think. Unfortunately, however, things like that have no real or lasting value- as far as managing our own state of mind is concerned.

The thing we want to be a master at is keeping ourselves in a happy, positive, joyful state of mind. It’s not avoiding the negatives, but in profiting from them. We’re not talking about profiting financially, however, although that can be part of it. What we mean by all of this is profiting through our enhanced ability to creatively resolve negative situations within our heart so that we are free of them. Without the drag of negatives, we can be anything we want to be, do anything we want to do, and obtain true joy and happiness.

If someone made a hurtful comment about you, you could turn your focus not on what they said, but instead think about how we all have faults and how in many ways, you’re blessed. You could focus on what you love and appreciate about the person who said it and how truly insignificant one comment can be. You can come to the realization that sometimes people aren’t even aware that they said something hurtful, or maybe just reach the conclusion that they could just be having a bad day.

Someone who is not in command of their own state of mind will let what someone else said rule their day, but we can choose not to do that. Focusing our attention on deeper levels of things we can be grateful for is an awesome way to move past some negative input like that. Say that someone insinuated you’re lazy, does that make it true? Why not start thinking about how you are glad to have both hands, each blessed with 4 fingers and a thumb, or that you have eyes that allow you to see things like cute cuddly kittens and beautiful flowers? Whatever you lack, don’t give it much mind. What you have? Put your attention on it and feel the feelings of gratitude for what others might take for granted.

Every negative is a great gift given to you in order that you may grow. Keep a positive outlook in life by enjoying the lessons presented in every challenge.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do differently to increase my appreciation for what I have?”

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