Daily Nugget of Gold 1393

Complaining not only ruins everybody else’s day, it ruins the complainer’s day, too. The more we complain, the more unhappy we get.” – Dennis Prager

Daily Nugget of Gold 1393

Venting About Venting

In the news recently there’s been talk that venting our anger online, through texting, or via social media may have one surprising drawback: It may just make us even angrier. Even if it feels good, it may not be healthy. For those of us who make a study of the subconscious mind or The Law of Attraction, this result isn’t surprising at all. Why? Read on.

When we “vent”, whether it’s in person, on the phone, through social media, or even by texting- we are reliving the experience we are venting about. We’re summoning up the emotions which we experienced the first time around and sometimes as we do this, we may even increase that negative energy in the process. The study said that we may even become angrier than we were to begin with, and that’s true- but there’s a physiological reason that can happen besides the obvious ones.

When we are in an intensely emotional state of mind, we feel it throughout our body. That’s not just our nervous system at work doing that, it’s the chemical signals put out by the hypothalamus gland in the brain which go into the bloodstream and communicate what’s going on to our individual cells. If we are angry often enough, the cells begin to crave that chemical response when it’s not present, in other words- we actually begin to demand more things to be angry about in order to placate the cravings of our cells. Yikes!

As we are reliving what made us angry in the first place, the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something we are actually living through presently and our recalling it in our imagination. Therefore, the same physiological responses take place and the cycle becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Worse- The Law of Attraction gives us more of whatever we are. If we are angry, the response from the law is that we have even more things coming into our lives that will make us angry.

So what’s better than venting? Finding mental ways to resolve or dissolve the anger. Forgiveness comes to mind, humor is wonderful for this, learning from what happened is useful, too. Re-channeling our energy into what we have to feel thankful or grateful for is another way to expand our positive emotional states of mind. We’ve heard that holding onto anger is like clenching a hot coal in our fist. It just doesn’t make sense to do this, does it?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I relieve anger without reliving it?”

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