Daily Nugget of Gold 1394

One must realize his Self in order to open the store of unalloyed happiness.” – Ramana Maharshi

Daily Nugget of Gold 1394

The Unchanging Inner Self

Do you know what? There are things that we have we often don’t give much thought to and often take for granted. It’s probably true that we often take our loved ones for granted, isn’t it? If our car is working alright, we don’t much think about what might go wrong. Some of us take our health for granted, or that we’ll always have the use of our arms, our hands, and our legs. There’s an opportunity in each of these examples for us to show our gratitude and we highly recommend doing so regularly because that helps us stay in a positive state of mind. There’s something else we wanted to talk about today, however, as the title of this session states- the one thing throughout our lives that makes us who we are- our inner self.

We have an identity which is unique to us and us alone. We are each individuals and we have had this sense of “self” for as long as we could remember. That person occupying your mind and body is the same person who was there when you were 5 years old. This is one constant of life which we can count on, that when we wake up the next day, we’ll still have our same self-identity that we have now. Oh, we can learn to become better human beings, that’s true. We could also steer ourselves into a path of self-destruction. At the end of it all, we’ll still have that connection to the inner person we’ve been as far back as we can recall, though.

Getting in touch with your true self must be your first priority.” – Tom Hopkins

So why bring up something so obvious and so common? We do this because it’s one more thing to celebrate in life, and we also wish to focus attention on how the self- that “I” we consider to be who we are, is Spiritual and not physical. When someone dies, their Spirit remains as it was, still there and still unique and unchanging. We no longer occupy a body, but the body was probably just a frame of reference during our physical life.

While science loves to dismiss the encounters some of us have- many of us, actually- with things we usually call “paranormal”, being witness to things that cannot be explained by our scientific experts creates an understanding that there is something here much larger and more important going on than we normally see. Almost everyone we’ve talked to who has been around long enough in life has at least one such experience like this and many have several. Our opinion on this is that these encounters exist to help us keep the big picture in mind and not to get too hung up on physical matters. Your unchanging inner-self would probably agree,

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I show more appreciation for the uniqueness I am able to present to the world?”

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