Daily Nugget of Gold 1395

Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. It forces us to change our thinking in order to find it.” – Niels Bohr

Daily Nugget of Gold 1395

Rejecting Solutions

Some people have a problem. We’re not talking about the problem they’re talking about, but a problem with their attitude with the problem they have. Now THAT’S one heck of a problem. We were re-watching a Zig Ziglar video the other day- his short video hosted on YouTube entitled, Attitude Makes All The Difference . Before we talk about it, let’s just touch on one other thing- the fact that we need to refresh our learning from time to time so that we remember all the salient points we thought we got, first time around. We had forgotten several of his, we discovered, so it was a really good thing we watched this again. Zig reminded us of a great deal that we had either missed, not recognized as wisdom, or forgotten about. Not bad for a guy who’s no longer walking among us!

Okay, let’s get to the one point he was talking about that we can’t recall ever addressing in this series- he discussed that although he didn’t do counseling on an individual basis, people who did had advised him that when someone would bring them a problem, that didn’t always mean that they wanted the counselor to solve the problem. The people Zig knew in counseling, in Psychology, Psychiatry, and the Ministry had told him that. So what did they want? They wanted to complain about the problem, that’s what.

Why would somebody see a counselor, or even more bizarre, pay a counselor to help them if they didn’t truly want help with the problem? That’s a good question- here’s the answer (and also where we are going to add to the wisdom of Mr. Ziglar) They’re really only interested in the validation of the problem, and more importantly, in being vindicated from the blame for it. They want a professional opinion which agrees with their notion that it’s not their fault in any way and that they have every right to be unhappy about it, and further- to complain about it.

Zig only said that the reason they didn’t want the solution is so that they can complain about it, and if a counselor actually solved the problem, they would not be able to complain about it again, and again, and again, then. That caused us to look deeper into the motivation for doing that.

This is the reason that when we read or we watch something powerfully good to begin with, we aren’t finished extracting all of the wisdom from it. It takes thoughtful review to understand fully the wisdom presented. Many people think they can take their wisdom like a cheeseburger from a fast food restaurant, something that you can just wolf down. You’re better than that, agree?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to become truly solution-oriented?”

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