Daily Nugget of Gold 1397

There must be a positive and negative in everything in the universe in order to complete a circuit or circle, without which there would be no activity, no motion.” – John McDonald

Daily Nugget of Gold 1397

Completing the Circuit

With the wiring of a house, the electrical cables go from the pole to the house. Usually there are two of them, both considered “hot”, meaning that they carry electrical current from the distribution system into your home. There’s another cable which feeds into your home’s electrical system, too. This one is either called “neutral” or “ground” and it’s every bit as important to the safe operation of your home’s electrical system as the “hot” wires are. The “ground” connection is just that, usually a long metal stake which has been hammered into the ground with a couple of electrical clamps installed on it to accommodate the “ground” or “neutral” wires.

Without the ground circuit, there would be no 120 volt lights in your house, your computer would stay dark, and your TV wouldn’t function. This is because it’s needed to complete those circuits. You may be wondering, at this point, what the heck this has to do with success and The Law of Attraction. It’s a wonderful way of remembering that complete circuits need to be formed in order for things to happen.

When we center our thoughts on what we want and we do the things that keep us in a positive state of mind, we receive what we want. If work is required, it should feel natural and almost effortless as we follow our intuitive thoughts in our positive vibrational state of mind. We want to feel grateful for all of this, and feeling the rush of gratitude before what we want comes into our world is an awesome way to send out those positive vibes.

It’s so good to have the opportunity to help others who have helped you. It’s not about “tit for tat,” it’s about “I love you, too.” – Karen E. Quinones Miller

Let’s not pass up the opportunity, however, to bless and praise the other part of the circuit, that which we are seeking is also seeking us. If we are seeking a relationship with someone, there’s someone out there seeking the qualities we have for their relationship. If we want a big screen TV, there’s someone out there looking to provide it. No matter what the goal we set might be, there’s a Spiritual opportunity to be gained through the process of getting there AND there’s another Spiritual opportunity for another person or group of people as well. Without the other half of this circuit, our positive results wouldn’t be forthcoming.

Look upon the big picture with deep gratitude and admiration. The thought universe is perfect in it’s design but if we aren’t blessing and praising the entire system of things, we’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity for expanding our positive state of mind. For some people, that could break the circuit. Think about it.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to help keep the good flowing to all those involved?”

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