Daily Nugget of Gold 1399

I feel like it’s always about embracing what it is that you think is wrong with you. It’s often times your greatest ‘flaw’ which actually forays into what is also your greatest strength.” – Olivia Thirlby

Daily Nugget of Gold 1399

Technological Change

As technology races ahead at geometrically increased speeds, society is both found to be embracing it and loathing it. Just about all of us see that there are a lot of advantages to be had by accepting the changes taking place, that’s hard to deny. Many people fear the loss of privacy and the electronic documentation of every little detail of our lives, however. These two points of view are quite often held by the same person simultaneously, however, and any thrill we derive from newly created gadgets is diminished by that dreaded fear that we are loosing what humanity is all about.

Historically, we’ve been in similar places before. Society is slow to embrace radical change, at least on an emotional level. Getting people to put electrical wires into their homes, or ride in automobiles instead of using horses for transportation took some doing, too. It’s hard to deny how our lives have been enhanced by those things, however, now that we look back on it.

We came here today to help put your mind at ease a bit. Before we do that, let’s remind everyone of something which may have slipped our mind for a bit- the fact that life as a physical existence is quite limited. That’s not comforting? It should be. If we are focused on the Spiritual end of things, those things that really, really matter most- the physical becomes less important in a lot of ways. If we take a Spiritual view on things then this physical realm we find ourselves in right now becomes more of an opportunity to expand the boundaries of love, joy, and gratitude rather than a place we should fear.

We’re as uncomfortable as the next person with the erosion of privacy, but change is supposed to be uncomfortable. As people begin to be able to track every dumb thing and stupid mistake we might make, we can loose this pretense of being so perfect to the outside world, while we are intimately aware of how flawed we are and begin to just own up to it publicly. That will actually create more freedom than simple privacy can, for we can never be totally assured of complete privacy no matter what the laws are and what people might promise us.

We’re going to kick this one around for maybe one more session, at least. There are other fears we should address. For now, just remember that change is a necessary part of life and the successful people always look for the opportunities change presents rather than live in fear.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What’s good about the technological changes happening right now?”

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