Daily Nugget of Gold 1412

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” – Lao Tzu

Daily Nugget of Gold 1412

The Skill of Change

You’ve heard people say over and over again that, “Practice makes perfect”, and of course you know from experience that there is a certain method of learning that goes into getting good or even great at a particular task. Most of the time, when we first try to do something, we’re awful at it. Say you wanted, really wanted, to learn how to juggle. Most of us have concluded from a small amount of trial and error that we’re no good at juggling. Yet, if it really were important to us to learn how to do it well, we might seek out an experienced juggler and ask for some pointers on how to do it. We could practice the skill daily and see it slowly develop into something we can at least be decent at. What we needed in order to learn it was the desire to do it and the patience to practice it daily until we developed the skill. That’s it!

If you’ve read enough of these Nuggets thus far, you’ve probably guessed by now we didn’t come here to discuss juggling. Congratulations, you’re correct! We wanted to use this as an example to demonstrate that accomplishing any task, any task at all, isn’t about how much we know how to do it to begin with, so much as how much we’re willing to motivate ourselves, apply ourselves, being willing to learn, and persistently practicing it as we make gradual improvements. What we’ve said here is nothing new to you. You know this. Still, if you are like most people, you’ve declared a bunch of stuff to be things you’re, “no good at.”

Many of us have accepted our flaws and faults as just “who we are”. We’ve come to a point of deciding that we won’t change no matter how hard we try. While it’s true that our “Spiritual I”- that person we’ve been inside- is a constant throughout our lives, anything having to do with thinking and acting on that thought is subject to our will, our free will. When we begin doing anything we are unfamiliar with, we almost always start out being less than proficient at it. Changing ourselves to move from our current state of mind to a better one isn’t any different. It takes motivation to begin, it takes practice as we build the new skill, and it takes the determination to keep going until we’ve accomplished what we set out to do. In other words, you can do this.

We’re going to review over the next few days some of the things you’ll want to consider and then we’ll map out a simple plan to put the change you want into place by developing the skills needed to do so along the way. The first step towards true change is the desire to do so. It isn’t what most people think, it’s not something you have or don’t have, but something you create. See you next time for that.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

If I could have any positive trait I might want, what would it be?”

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