Daily Nugget of Gold 1413

The starting point of all achievement is desire.” – Napoleon Hill

Daily Nugget of Gold 1413

Intensifying Desire

We’re beginning to explore how we can sharpen our mental skills in order to increase our chances of success and the first place we want to start is desire. There’s a big difference between wishing we had something and a “working ourselves into a white heat of burning desire” for it. A BIG difference. Most people are really good at wishing that we had this or that. They’d like a million dollars, it would be nice to live in a big house or drive the car of their dreams. If wishing were enough, we’d all have everything we wished for, true?

We stuck quotation marks on a phrase in the above paragraph- we didn’t originate that thought, that idea came from Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich. Mr. Hill didn’t originate the idea either, but he reduced the words into writing. The truth is, as he visited one highly successful individual after another in his research for that book- he heard the phrase again and again. Desire is really the most important principle in obtaining wealth of any kind.

Some people claim they aren’t motivated by money. Fair enough. Money itself isn’t much good unless it’s used to either obtain things we want or put to positive use in helping others. Even if we don’t want to bathe ourselves in luxury, a tremendous amount of good can be done with sufficient funds to do so. No matter what motivates us, whether it’s having nice things ourselves or putting raising capital to help others, desire is key.

We can work ourselves up to a white heat of burning desire by taking the time morning and night as we arise and when we retire for the day and concentrating on what we want to do with the money. We can then see ourselves in our mind’s eye already in possession of it and actually imagine we are feeling it, getting excited about being able to do the things we want to do. We can see ourselves actually acquiring the things we want or doing the noble deeds we are now able to do and feel the feelings of joy and happiness of it all. We can have pictures to daydream to, posted on “vision boards” we place where we can see them daily.

Thinking about how great it will be when we have what we are looking for and also keeping ourselves in a happy, positive state of mind as much as possible will begin to weave the effects of The Law of Attraction into our life.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What do I want the most and how can I work myself into a white heat of burning desire to get it?”

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