Daily Nugget of Gold 1414

The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

Daily Nugget of Gold 1414

Creative Visualization Practice

Our brains are uniquely designed with something almost magical in them. There’s a doorway there through which objects that are merely an idea begin to take physical form. Huh? Yes, we really mean that. The frontal lobe of our brain is amazing, for as we think of something we have a great desire for, it turns down the volume of our physical reality through our senses and allows us to concentrate our thoughts on what we want. This is the creative process, the place where all things wonderful have their starting point. As we see what we desire in this way using our mind’s eye, we heighten our receptiveness to the intuitive thoughts which will guide us, almost effortlessly, into acquiring whatever that is.

As we spoke about desire last time, we mentioned that Napoleon Hill said we need to “work ourselves into a white heat of burning desire” in order to get what we are pursuing. What we didn’t say about that was that Hill also stated that “little or no hard work was required” to do this. What we’d like to submit to you at this point is that creative visualization is a skill, and as with any skill, it’s developed over time with practice. Yes, we need to engage in it often for a couple of reasons, the first one is that we need to get good at it. Scratch that, we really want to become great at it. The other reason is simple, we get what we want through this method.

So let’s look at this process from the beginning. We want to choose something we want to have, do, or be and then we want to work ourselves into a white heat of burning desire for it. Then we want to quiet our minds and focus on seeing it as if it were real. We want to see it clearly in our mind’s eye and quiet our sensory input by concentrating our thoughts on this and this alone. We want to practice this over and over again until we become great at doing it.

So let’s say we do all that, how do we know when we are becoming proficient or even amazing at being able to do it? Through the results we obtain, we’ll know. Even if we don’t immediately get what we want, if we begin to see ourselves as being guided toward it almost effortlessly, if we are getting intuitive thoughts when acted upon take us closer to our objective- then we’re doing it right. Should we stop then? No, that’s not an option. If we were to stop at this point we would be exposing the fact that we failed to work ourselves into a white heat of burning desire, isn’t that true? Practice requires indulgence in the behavior with the objective of getting better and better at it every day. Practice builds the habits needed for success, also. Mental practice is no different than any other, but it’s only the work most people are unwilling to do to truly get what they want in life. That’s not you, though, is it?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do right now to get really good at visualizing what I want?”

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