Daily Nugget of Gold 1416

Only one thing registers on the subconscious mind: repetitive application – practice. What you practice is what you manifest.” – Fay Weldon

Daily Nugget of Gold 1416

Attracting Success

Through the method of determining exactly what we want, stoking our desire for it until it becomes a white heat of burning desire, utilizing creative visualization techniques, and obtaining and implementing intuitive thoughts and ideas we build an irresistible model of success. Irresistible? To whom or what? In this case, we are referring to The Law of Attraction and its response to what it is we’re doing with all of this.

The Law of Attraction gives us more of what we are, whatever that is. If we are negative beings, we get a negative result from the law. If we are a positive person, the law must respond in kind. It gives us a mirrored reflection of what’s contained within us, heart and soul.

So how is it that simply following the steps we’ve outlined here end up creating this “irresistible” force? Because following those steps changes our focus from what we don’t have into what we can possibly do, or have, or can be. Then it intensifies that state of mind by turning up the volume on our emotions so much that through this law everything just seems to come together- almost as if it’s happening on its own.

As this sort of thing is going on, many people will say it sure is an “odd coincidence” that all the resources we needed “just came to us”, or they might say that “out of the blue” everything “just fell into place” or something like that. These are all just expressions of surprise at the dynamics of the law at work. The law only has one caveat as we ramp up our desire and hone in on exactly what we want: In order for the victory to be pure and untainted in any way, we need to stay in a happy, positive, joyous state of mind. We can get a response from the law if we don’t, but the law can only deliver in measure to the content of our inner being on this, and any thought of cheating other people, revenge, or anything else negative will also be reflected in the color and character of our results.

This law, The Law of Attraction, is wonderful and magnificent when our intent is pure and based on helping others, and it can be and often is wicked and relentless to those who take advantage of people because it only reflects what is deep down inside of us. We may rise to the top of an empire if we are of bad intent, but we will suffer unlimited consequences for having tainted motives. Keep that in mind. Let your heart be glad and may you generously share your love along the way. Then you have almost no choice but to succeed- truly succeed.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do right now to intensify my desire and keep my motives pure as I seek what I want?”

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