Daily Nugget of Gold 1418

Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.” – Blaise Pascal

Daily Nugget of Gold 1418

How Gratitude Rocks

If you’ve seen the movie The Secret, you’ve seen gratitude rocks, those little reminders we place in our pockets so we remember to keep our minds focused on what we have that we are grateful for, but weren’t referring to that in this title. What we meant was that we wanted to show how and why the attitude of gratitude is an amazing force for good in our lives.

Zig Ziglar wrote a great book called, “Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World”. It’s a great read, but the title gave a nod to the fact that humans, unfortunately, tend to be negative. Gratitude is a major antidote for the daily dose of poison we get as we traverse the day.

It may not seem that obvious to us, but science now is slowly coming to grips with the idea that the physical or material world isn’t something which is independent of our consciousness, instead it appears to be created by it. Cognitive Neuroscientist Donald Hoffman makes an interesting case for how our physical world isn’t something that exists outside of our ability to interface with it, but rather that the physical world IS our interface enabling us to function as conscious beings. He speaks to the deeper truth that neurons aren’t the source of thought, they’re a product of it. So what does that have to do with gratitude? Good question.

When we are focused on gratitude, we are then turned away from a focus on the negative. If the physical world emerges from consciousness, then consciousness focused on being grateful for what we have would and will produce more things to be grateful for. We’ve always pointed out that The Law of Attraction gives us more of what we are. The key here is we are what we think. The physical world shapes itself by the thoughts we think, as quantum physicists have discovered. Matter doesn’t seem to begin to take definite form until we are in observation of it. Keeping our minds focused on gratitude is a “cheap trick” as Donald Hoffman would call it, to keep having more things to be grateful for. By “cheap”, he didn’t mean worthless but rather “cheap” as in “economical” and “inexpensive”. It’s like getting something of great value on sale. Spend a little bit of time focusing on being grateful and watch the miracle of creation happen to you.

For more information about Donald Hoffman’s research, look up “Entangling Conscious Agents, Donald Hoffman” on YouTube. The first 2/3 of the video will probably do the job for most laypeople, the end of the video gets into the math supporting the theory and may be a little deeper than most want to go.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to keep my focus on what I am happy and grateful for?”

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