Daily Nugget of Gold 1428

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” – Lao Tzu

Daily Nugget of Gold 1428

The Mission of Being – Consciousness

Know thyself” is ancient and wise advice. We’ve been delving into the latest research on just what consciousness is, where it comes from, and what it has to do with our physical existence. One of the first realizations we came to in researching this is that much of what was said about consciousness from the wise ones of history points to the same place that the latest research in things like quantum physics does. Consciousness doesn’t seem to be derived from our physical world, it seems to actually create it.

One of the biggest hangups some scientific types have had with what we’ve said above here is that the brain surely has something to do with how well we experience the physical world. Lay people as well see this apparent truth and often jump to the conclusion that the brain creates consciousness. This is sort of like believing that there are little tiny people trapped inside our televisions, and entire orchestras stuffed into speakers. Unfortunately, this sort of thinking misdirects our attention to places where consciousness becomes a secondary reality- that it’s created out of the physical universe and therefore comes from somewhere within it. The trouble with that is that it is no longer being supported by the cutting edge of science. The deeper we go into what makes up things, we’re finding it to be clearly and even more clearly- “nothingness”- or no thing, to be exact.

That’s a fairly bold statement, but in truth- scientific experiments have been converging on it for some time. While by no means at the starting point, Albert Einstein came up with the theory of relativity and he has shown- and been confirmed- that space, time, and matter as we’ve come to know them aren’t fixed and separate, but rather share a relationship with one another and that the state of one is dependent of the state of the others.

Without consciousness, space and time are nothing.” – Robert Lanza

We’ve heard Peter Russell describe our physical reality as something akin to looking at a map. The map isn’t reality, it only represents it. The colors and drawings on the map are useful, of course, but the conscious being looking at the map isn’t in the world of the map, even if you have an arrow pointing to where you are, being shown on it. Seeing ourselves as a conscious being in the world is much the same idea, we are here to do something but the duty isn’t to change or evolve the physical at all- the duty is to do something for the greater good of consciousness for all beings in existence. Everything else is temporary and illusory. The application we should want to engage ourselves in would be to expand the boundaries of love- and we absolutely can do this through the physical world- its just that we should understand that the physical nature of things is our tool, not our mission.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can we do today which will have the greatest impact in showing love for others and ourselves?”

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