Daily Nugget of Gold 1430

I try to make my mood uplifting and peaceful, then watch the world around me reflect that mood.” – Yaya DaCosta

Daily Nugget of Gold 1430

When to Become the Observer

Advice columns love to tell us to “take charge” of the situation, to change our lives by being more “hands on”. We suppose for a lot of things, this is probably sound advice. We see nothing wrong with “stepping up to the plate” and taking action, in fact- we’ve given that advice many times. We’re going to talk about something different today. Oddly enough, as with many topics we brought up lately, there is a connection to quantum physics, although it’s an easy one to grasp.

What quantum physics has been telling us for about 80 years now is that when we observe something, we are actually interacting with it in such a way as to change what happens. The very act of a conscious being gaining knowledge through observation changes the outcomes of some widely replicated experiments. Observation has been shown, in the physics world, to be quite powerful. Okay, if nothing else, this is going serve as a great metaphor for what comes next in our chat today.

There are times when we want to really see ourselves as an observer in our lives rather than a participant. Why? Well, it can make it easier to change our behavior for the better. Much easier. It’s like going to a movie that plays on our emotions. When we are watching it, we feel the feelings. The music, the drama- however it’s presented, they’re there to draw us in and get us connected to what’s going on. Just the same, any time we want to back away from something too intense, all we need to do is remind ourselves, “It’s just a movie” and let it go. We can go further and think about how the actors are only acting the part. We can recall them being other characters earlier and how they were different than what we see now. We can recognize what the director is doing when they zoom in on someone or add intense music. We are the observer.

When we have something that might normally make us angry, we can take a step back and instead see ourselves as an actor, too. We can call the shots and give direction to our actor and see if the scene begins to play out differently. There’s freedom in feeling disconnected when it doesn’t serve our needs to be so wrapped up emotionally in something or someone. We would advise that this is good when the feeling is bad, anger, hurt, rage, sorrow- these are good times to slip into an observational point of view. Another good time to be “the observer” is when we’d like to rid ourselves of a bad habit. Have you ever noticed that giving good advice is easy, but acting that way yourself seems more difficult. Be the recipient of the advice you’re giving rather than the one giving it- or be both!

For situations that are positive, wonderful, and joyous- be “all in”. If something feels bad, step back and observe- and then make informed decisions based on what you’ve learned.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I use the tool of observing more effectively in my life?”

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