Daily Nugget of Gold 1432

I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free… so other people would be also free.” – Rosa Parks

Daily Nugget of Gold 1432


Freedom is an interesting concept, and we do crave freedom, don’t we? From the time we are small children, we yearn to be free- at least to an extent. A fond household memory for us was the time when our son managed to escape his crib, descend the stairs, and greet us suddenly in the kitchen with an emphatic, “Hi!”. Was he glad to be free? You betcha! Did he wish to run out of the house and into the street? No, not really. We’re going to talk about the idea of freedom, and we do agree that freedom is really nice when we have it- but let’s look at a slight difference that can mean all the world to us as we think about freedom.

Most of us look at freedom from the perspective of being free ‘from” something or someone. Being able to decide for ourselves what, where, and when we will do what we do. There’s something to be said for this, that exercise of “free will” as it were. Let us consider another possibility which might bring even greater joy and happiness into our lives, and as we do- remember what we said about our son in the first paragraph.

Think of freedom from this point of view- having the freedom to. This is an acknowledgment of our inner nature, the stuff we’re made of. In fact, it goes deeper than that and traces its origins back to the “Spiritual I” or “I am” which is our central being, our heart, our soul. If we have the freedom to be what we might have been destined to be and become, that might be far more meaningful and powerful than enjoying freedom from something. Instead of trying to use freedom to escape whomever or whatever or even ourselves- if we are seeing our freedom as the pathway to grow and serve in our own unique way, that is likely to be far more beautiful and meaningful than just escaping something or someone.

Our son didn’t use the freedom he gained to escape his parents, he used it to join them. He used it to proclaim victory in doing what he yearned to do more than anything, to be let in. He used it to join his family, triumphant in his success in his little more than a year’s journey into life. We love that story about his accomplishment for many reasons, but he most definitely seized the freedom to be what he was destined to be and was happy as a result. We could learn from that, couldn’t we? What are you destined to be? Do it!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What does freedom mean to me?”

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