Daily Nugget of Gold 1433

You are one of a kind and unique. Never forget that.” – Richard Simmons

Daily Nugget of Gold 1433

Underlying Issues

We often see people at face value, meaning we form opinions based on what we see them do or say. All too often folks seem to form negative opinions about another person fairly quickly based on this information. What is it that makes a person unique, though?

First and foremost, we all have our differences- right “out of the box” as it were. We have personalities which are unique to us and us alone. We could even say these might be as deep as Spiritual differences, in fact- sometimes we give a nod to that calling someone a “free spirit”.

Next, we have all of our experiences thus far, and further, we have how we’ve constructed them in such a way as to make some sense of our world. Two people could have the exact same genetic material to begin with and even the same exact experiences and still end up with different neurological connections formed by them, because there is no “by the book” method for taking in what all our senses witness and formulating “truth”. Each individual will have different results depending on how the information is processed.

Unlike a computer program, certain emotions and the emotional events of our lives are basically assembled into what we believe is reality. The truth is that what we tend to call “reality” is nothing of the sort. It’s a simulation of what’s available to be taken in through our senses, and even our senses aren’t perfect. Since we’ve all had unique experiences as we’ve gathered memories of all of this, and we’ve put them together in our own creative fashion to form what we see as what we believe is the truth, we all have different versions of what reality is composed of.

So… if you wonder why people don’t “get it” sometimes, if you wonder why some folks seem “so dense”, maybe you should cut them a little more slack. Considering what we’ve said about how each of us comes to know our world for what it is- it might just be the person in the mirror that has the underlying issues. How are we to know?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to grant people the freedom to be themselves?”

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