Daily Nugget of Gold 1435

He is greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own.” – Henry Ward Beecher

Daily Nugget of Gold 1435

Improvement Enhancement

In our last session together we discussed how seeing our difficulties from the perspective of opportunities rather than limitations can have a dramatic impact on our lives. In this session, we’ll touch on the help that’s mustered on our behalf when we do that. There’s more than one way we have our chances of improvement enhanced, so let’s get down to it.

Let’s start with our own bodies, shall we? We’ve all heard that most communication is non-verbal, so if we aren’t feeling it with our heart, it’s unlikely we’re going to be able to express it with our words. This is true because our words have so little to do with our communication, face to face. It’s how we sit or stand, our facial expressions, our gestures, the quality, pitch, and tone of our voice, our eye contact or lack of it which are only a small part of the non-verbal cues we give off- these things make communication happen. That’s also probably why so many of us get mistaken when we shoot out an email, text, or IM. All of these forms of brief communication are stripped of the non-verbal cues, so the chance of error is huge!

There’s also a realm of subconscious communication, and it’s frequently seen in teams of any sort. There’s a brief glance at the teammate, and then both go into a routine. Marital partners often show this deep understanding without words, too. What’s interesting is that this can even take place with total strangers in a time of stress.

Lastly today, lets remind folks that whatever we feel on an emotional, gut level is replicated as experience in our world through The Law of Attraction. If we are positively responding to difficulty by searching for where we might find opportunities, then we’ll be drawn to them and them to us as a result of the action of this law. If we are focused on the difficulties and dreading their consequences, then we are powerfully attracting more problems to deal with. We want to pay attention to what’s showing up at our doorstep, for if there’s nothing but one bad thing followed by another, then we want to perform “a check-up from the neck up”.

The Law of Attraction will make things easier for us or more difficult for us, depending upon how we feel about what we’re facing. Let’s make sure we stay positive and it will all work out- somehow.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to help keep my focus on the opportunities in each otherwise negative situation?”

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