Daily Nugget of Gold 1437

The best way of removing negativity is to laugh and be joyous.” – David Icke

Daily Nugget of Gold 1437


Often people utter this acronym in conjunction with a raised hand signaling “stop” as they move their face sideways and look away. Do you know what these letters stand for? If you were unsure glancing at the title, you probably know now! “Too much information!” is usually what we are trying to fend off from another person when we say, “TMI”, and we use it when people are offering what might be lurid details, disgusting scenarios, or explicit descriptions of something or someone. It’s actually a polite attempt, often tinted with humor, to keep the conversation tasteful. So why are we talking about this? Let’s dig in.

In a polite society, we don’t often fend off sincere attempts to fill us in on every detail of something that someone else deems worthy of sharing. That’s not to say that we always should, but there are times when what’s being expressed is of no benefit to the listener, and yet the audience to the person doing the speaking feels somewhat compelled to endure things like rants or complaints so as not to act like they don’t care. We laud people who are great listeners for their open-mindedness, their love and respect of humanity and the like. This message isn’t for the listener, however, this session we dedicate to the speaker, the person doing the talking.

Let’s begin to value other people’s sensitivities a bit more, shall we? Rather than go on and on about some rant or complaint, let’s just make these things as brief and as nice as can be- if we say anything at all. Dwelling on our troubles, wearing our heart on our sleeve, as it might be called- isn’t particularly healthy or wise, anyhow. The more we stay emotionally entrenched in our problems, the greater our problems become through The Law of Attraction. If other people do want to hear all about our troubles, maybe it’s to gain fodder for gossip. Perhaps they are just negative themselves and want to have a pity party. Who knows?

Let’s avoid being sources of TMI and keep our focus on the good, the constructive, the uplifting, and the joyful.. By doing so we will avoid offending the ears and minds of others with our trash and take a giant step out of the gutter ourselves. Make sense?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to keep my words helpful?”

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