Daily Nugget of Gold 1438

Spirituality is meant to take us beyond our tribal identity into a domain of awareness that is more universal.” – Deepak Chopra

Daily Nugget of Gold 1438

Shared Reality

We’ve come out in favor of the concept that the reality we all live in not only isn’t what most people think it is, it’s “unreal”. Unreal- as in not there. This, of course, sounds absurd. Everything our senses tell us is that reality is a rock-solid physical existence which would be here whether or not we’re here. As we’ve been pointing out lately, this “truth” of a physical universe which most of us have been adamant about is losing ground fast as scientists are coming face to face with the fact that matter doesn’t seem to exist at all on the scale of the very tiny, and doesn’t come into definite form unless acted upon by a conscious being.

In discussing this with others, we’ve had the objection raised that if this were true, how is it possible that more than one of us could see the same, or virtually the same, reality? That’s an awesome point, and one that we think we might be able to shed a little light on. It might just be that folks aren’t looking at this from the best perspective.

Hawaii is around 2000 miles away from California. The Hawaiian Islands are separate from each other as well. If there were a group of us looking at the sun from each of those islands and one of us in California, we’d all be looking at the same sun, but we would obviously be seeing it from a different perspective, correct? The reason for this is that we are all standing on different land masses, right? Not so fast. Actually, we would all be looking at the sun from one land mass- planet earth. Take away the water and all of that land is connected, true?

Just as the Hawaiian Islands are actually connected to the rest of the planet’s earth mass, so are we at a deeper level, one shared conscious entity. We hear some more objections bubbling up, so let’s work on them. How can we all be one conscious entity if we are obviously separate and have free will and such? Our consciousness is filtered through each individual and the perception of each individual is unique to them. We have the appearance of being separate, just as the Hawaiian Islands seem separate, but there is a connection and although we don’t see it, it’s there according to a growing amount of scientific research.

Naturally, all scientists agree on what we just said, right? Uh…no. In fact, few do. When some scientifically minded folks first made the observation that the world was round and not flat, well- let’s just say that the idea that it was indeed round took a bit of time before it was pretty much universally accepted. Hundreds of years of time, actually. Next time we’ll discuss having more than one personality- literally- and then we’ll tie all of that in.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I get better at seeing something from someone else’s perspective?”

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