Daily Nugget of Gold 1440

“The animal is ignorant of the fact that he knows. The man is aware of the fact that he is ignorant.” – Victor Hugo

Daily Nugget of Gold 1440

Universal Consciousness

Our last session looked at the phenomena of the split brain operation producing two distinct personalities in the same body in severely affected epileptic patients. Today we’re going to explore the idea that consciousness is everywhere. Does that mean a rock is conscious? Good question, let’s begin.

We know the human body is made up of trillions of cells. We believe that our brain is the part of our body that controls everything, and to some extent- it does have the ability to exert control, but not entirely. Cells have certain jobs, depending on where they are and what their task is, and each cell has its own work to do as far as acceptance and assimilation of food from the blood stream and removal of waste from itself- also into the bloodstream. Yikes! That blood flow we’ve got going in our veins and our arteries, holy cow! It’s both a buffet and a sewer!

Additionally, the cells need to take in oxygen from our bloodstream and exhaust into it carbon dioxide. Cells have a way of communicating to and from the brain as well. There’s a lot going on deep down at the cellular level, isn’t there? But are cells conscious? They need to have enough “awareness” to do what it is that they need to do to survive-and reproduce. They’ve also got the task of coordinating their efforts with the body as a whole in order to do their own particular job.

We, on a conscious level, may not be aware of all of this work going on, but the workers doing the work need to understand the difference between not having enough food and having too much, having enough oxygen but not overdoing it, and so on. Additionally, as chemical or electrical signals arrive from the brain, their meaning needs to be understood. It’s an amazingly complex, departmentalized system of action we’ve got going on and it seems that consciousness plays a role in all of it.

We’ve asked the question about a rock having consciousness, and you may have wondered if a bug, or a virus does, too. Let’s leave that question open for now and come back to it next time we get together. Think about how through some 50 some odd replications of the one cell that was once you (it’s only about 50 times that one becomes two, two becomes four, and so on!) you’re now endowed with trillions of cells. That alone is unreal.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“What exactly is awareness, and are there different degrees of it?”

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