Daily Nugget of Gold 1443

“Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than any material force – that thoughts rule the world.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Daily Nugget of Gold 1443

The Other Stuff’s Commonality

We’ve been weaving our way through talking about awareness as it comes to humans, then animals, followed by plants and now what’s left? The other stuff. What other stuff? All of those things we don’t consider to be alive, and we have ways of measuring and distinguishing between living things and non-living things and we suppose that’s all fine and good. It may seem like an obvious thing, that difference between what’s living and what’s not, but it’s probably not so simple considering that when a living thing dies it almost immediately becomes a host, albeit temporary, for other livings things that make their living on feeding on the dead. To be sure, we’re not venturing to those scavengers and opportunists with this piece, we’re going to focus solely on the “non-living” things.

Suppose we have a rock as a paperweight on our desk. It just sits there, right? Nothing’s moving, nothing’s happening with that rock, true? Well, that depends. What seems like a solid rock with no functions going on isn’t actually solid at all. Even a rock is a mass of energy at a certain vibration. Oh, we would never see this happening from our perspective, but we know that a solid rock isn’t actually solid at all on the atomic level. Yes, from where we sit, it seems motionless and unchanging but everything in the universe changes form eventually and constantly- and although the changes happening might not be evident to us during our lifetime, they are there. Entropy is a word used to describe how that which is together tends to come apart. In the world of the very tiny, some entropy is going on.

While we sit and stare at our paperweight rock, we are oblivious to the changes happening because they are so minute. None of the atoms that make up a rock are solid in form and substance, just as the atoms that make us up aren’t, either. There is a constant and exceedingly complex symphony of motion happening in all material things, and yet it seems so still to us and our senses.

Miraculous and seemingly well organized and orchestrated events happen in the non-living world. Snowflakes form in amazingly diverse patterns which seem not to repeat, water adheres to itself and forms droplets, and frost forms beautiful and intricate etchings on a window. Caves seem to be alive with stalagmites and stalactites growing into columns, and beautiful marble, diamonds, and gemstones develop from otherwise ordinary, non-living materials. All of the things in the physical world we see are derived from the same stuff if we go down deep enough to view the very tiny constituents of it all.

Where does awareness begin? Is it with life? Where in the physical world does awareness start? At the cellular level? At the atomic level? We tend to want to think of awareness coming from the stuff of our brains, but then we are given hints both scientific and anecdotal which command thought of some deeper level at which it occurs. Yes, as you may have guessed, we’re not quite through with this line of thinking and we’ll kick it around a little more and have some fun with it, too.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“How can I get in harmony with what I want in life?”

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