Daily Nugget of Gold 1444

“What happens is consciousness operates in mysterious ways. One of those ways is that the old paradigm suddenly starts to die.” – Deepak Chopra

Daily Nugget of Gold 1444

Intelligent Choices

We’ve been working our way down to the stuff that living and non-living things have in common with each other. There’s not a lot of difference when we get to the atomic level, living or not. Both stations in the material world are made up of atoms, and those atoms of sub-atomic bits. The bits aren’t bits of matter, it turns out, as physicists have discovered, but bits of energy. Everything is energetic and in motion, and not just moving along slowly, but at a whirlwind pace, popping in and out of existence. We’ve made up words to describe these bits of “matter” but we have no idea what matter truly is at the scale of the very small.

We ourselves have awareness of all of this, and in fact, our awareness is the one thing we cannot question. We can dispute what it is that we are aware of, whether it is reality or not, but there really isn’t much dispute in whether or not we’re aware. With our awareness we make observations derived through our senses. As we study what our senses do, we discover that light actually has no color, but there are differences in frequency of light waves which our senses interpret as color for us. We might smell a beautiful fragrance of a flower, but the flower only emits molecules which we interpret as fragrance. Things we hear as noise are actually variances of vibration carried by air molecules and our senses “hear” them. All of these things come to our brain in the form of electrical impulses which then need to be reformulated by our brain to form what we believe is reality.

In all of this, what about “dead” matter, is there any awareness evident in that? Well, as it turns out, maybe. What started all of this are the observations physicists made that physical matter doesn’t come into definite form unless acted upon by consciousness or awareness. It seems that without someone or something to act upon the indefinite in some way, that what we once thought of as matter isn’t actually anything more than a waves of possibilities and probabilities. How does matter know whether or not someone is looking at it, or even stranger- merely thinking of it? How can that be possible, if matter itself isn’t aware?

Perhaps our ideas that we are from the physical universe are actually backwards. It may just be that the physical universe springs forth from our awareness instead, at least that’s where science seems to be heading now. If everything we see, feel, hear, touch, taste, and smell have an atomic connection, is it that big of a stretch to imagine that all of it has as a common source, awareness or consciousness?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“If everything were really made of thought, does that change how we think about things?”

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