Daily Nugget of Gold 1445

“The more we explore and penetrate the essential nature of experience, the less distinctions we find.” – Rupert Spira

Daily Nugget of Gold 1445

Why This Focus on Consciousness?

At about here, our readers may have started asking the above question in our title, and for good reason. We’ve not pretended to know everything about everything- far from it. What we have done is to have put ourselves on a quest to find answers, in particular- answers to the question of what successful people have in common and the role of The Law of Attraction in matters in life, and then share what we have found. Our journey has taken us to this point because of one important observation that we were being shown again and again by many different teachers from many different disciplines- that nothing that we experience on an intimate, personal level occurs outside of our consciousness or our awareness. Think about that for a moment.

One very good and very popular book people go to for answers puts the results of a quest for knowledge this way, “Seek and ye shall find”. Well, we sought. Here is one thing we found recently, in a short work called Love is a Place by Rupert Spira: “The first thing I would like to do is to give a definition of Consciousness. Of course, Consciousness cannot really be defined, but this would be good provisional definition of Consciousness: Consciousness is that in which all experience appears, that with which all experience is known and that out of which all experience is made.”

After reading the definition above a couple of times and allowing it to sink in, we’ve grown even more convinced that consciousness, at the very least on a personal level, is inseparable from what we experience. What has been happening in the world of physics ever since the double slit experiment showed scientists that matter doesn’t seem to come into definite form until acted upon by a conscious agent becoming aware of where it is. Could the worship of our “objective reality” by most scientists be nothing more than a farce? Are they worshiping a “false god”?

We’ve made it clear on these pages that not all scientists agree with what we just said, in fact, most of them don’t. Just as it took a great deal of time, and scientists suffered terrible persecution for showing that the earth wasn’t the center of the universe- scientists, who have grown used to being the authorities now on everything physical, aren’t happy to find that the one thing they thought was real turned out to be an illusion.

We consider ourselves a scientist at heart, and one of the first rules in science if you want to study what is real, correct, and true is to be wary of your instruments. Why? Inaccurate instrumentation can lead to false or misleading conclusions. We’re going to pick up this conversation next time, and on that point. It will be an eye-opening discussion, for sure.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“What do I experience outside of my own awareness?”

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