Daily Nugget of Gold 1446

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates

Daily Nugget of Gold 1446

Scientists: Calibrate Your Instruments

Before we get to that, let’s look at the generally accepted parameters of the study of science:

-Scientific inquiry must confine itself to investigating objective, physical, quantifiable phenomena.
-The universe consists solely of mass-energy, space-time, and their emergent properties and functions.
-Science is the only way to understand nature and the universe at large.

We owe the discussion of these generally accepted assumptions to Alan Wallace, they’re from a discussion about how scientists have evolved in such a way as to exclude subjective experience, or at least they try to. Remember the tease we had at the end of our last piece? We said this: “We consider ourselves a scientist at heart, and one of the first rules in science if you want to study what is real, correct, and true is to be wary of your instruments. Why? Inaccurate instrumentation can lead to false or misleading conclusions.” Do you see the paradox that envelops scientists yet?

All experience, all observations, all that we call “physical reality” -all of these things come to us exclusively through our awareness or consciousness. In other words, our awareness or our consciousness is the instrument by which and through which we make our measurements. Yet, for most of the recent past since the divorce of science and the church, we’ve set aside any serious study of that awareness and made the assumption,-and it’s only an assumption- that consciousness arises from physical matter.

As all of the scientific observations, experiments, and experiences we might have, and even conclusions we might make from them, cannot be separated from our awareness or consciousness, because that is our methodology of “knowing” what we “know”; then failing to know what that instrument is, where it springs from, and how it functions puts us at a serious disadvantage in knowing “the truth” about anything.

Old school scientists who want to study only the physical world in order to understand “reality” cannot do so- even if they try. Everything they see and measure only comes to them through consciousness. So how do they check their results? With each other. The fly in the ointment for that, is that all of them use the same source for their observations- consciousness. We’ve got a little bit more to deliver on this, and we’ll next turn to where they turn to- collectivism. It’s no substitute for the truth, however. Join us again for more eye opening thoughts.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“What do I know and how do I know that I know?”

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