Daily Nugget of Gold 1447

“The areas of consensus shift unbelievably fast; the bubbles of certainty are constantly exploding.” – Rem Koolhaas

Daily Nugget of Gold 1447


We know collectivism by another moniker, “Common Sense”. Collectivism is a term we’d probably want to shy away from using if we were describing our methods of making logical conclusions, but common sense? We embrace that as if it were absolutely true, verifiable, and real. Much of the time it is, of course- and that’s the danger. Collectivism in science isn’t a good thing. Being truly open minded, however, is.

One example of collectivism which is not serving us well is this notion that there is a “consensus” that “global warming” as it used to be called, or “climate change” as the term has evolved when some of the evidence began to contradict some of the conclusions- is a man made phenomena. We won’t get into the politics of all of that, and as to the scientists who make up that “consensus”? They should avoid that as well. There are other scientists who don’t agree with those in that “consensus”, but rather than consider their research, there is this effort by the “collective” to exclude or obscure their work.

You may be of the belief that man-made global warming is real, or you may be of the belief it is not. Both of these opinions are just that- opinions. They are based on your belief that there is enough evidence to prove that its true or that there isn’t enough evidence to prove the connection, or even that the evidence collected thus far is or isn’t inaccurately collected or even falsified in an attempt to push a political agenda. Your “belief” owes it’s existence to your coming to a point where you believed you had enough evidence- pro or con. Seeing that many people agree with us cements our opinions on our beliefs as being well-founded. Let’s see how reliable that is, shall we?

At one point we believed, collectively, the earth was flat. We also collectively believed that the earth was the center of the universe. At one time we believed that ships could not be made of iron because they would sink. We believed that the 4 minute mile was not possible. We could go on, you get the idea.

There is no place for collectivism in scientific study, that is, unless you prefer being deceived either by others or even by your own measurements. Being open minded and accepting of any and all possibilities is crucial if your quest is truly to know the truth about anything.

The institution of scientific study unfortunately has accepted a greater degree of collectivism in order to establish itself as the authority of knowledge, and has vigorously rejected avenues of study into the non-physical. That came at a very costly price, however, as science uncovered connections it could not explain between the two.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“If two or more people see the exact same thing, is it real?”

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