Daily Nugget of Gold 1448

“The distinguishing characteristics of mind are of a subjective sort; we know them only from the contents of our own consciousness.” – Wilhelm Wundt

Daily Nugget of Gold 1448


We asked this as our question of the day, last time: “If two or more people see the exact same thing, is it real?”, and your instinctual answer might have been, “of course”- but then you’d have to ignore all that we said in the last Nugget… but what about magic? By “magic” we don’t mean actual magic- a person having to the ability to do something we truly consider magical such as transform something before our eyes, we mean illusions, the standard genre of the magician, even the accomplished ones. Yes, we can have a group of people be completely fooled by something, and it’s happened again and again throughout history.

Our last conversation was about the dangers of “collectivism” or even “common sense” in scientific study. Since science hasn’t definitely shown us that consciousness is local, that is- dependent on an observable physical being, let alone- arise solely from the brain of an individual being- then checking their “instrument” used to study against similarly fashioned “instruments”- the opinions of others- is, or at least, should be- regarded as an inferior method of calibration. Yet, what else can the scientist do to understand that with which they measure, observe, and experience all phenomena?

The answer is quite simple, we can study the instrument itself. While we can study the brain and how its relationship to consciousness or awareness, we ought not to stop there. We really want to study the consciousness or awareness itself, to understand fully just what that is, where it truly comes from, and how it is that civilizations separated by oceans and vast distances in the historical timeline have reached many of the same conclusions about various subjects- without having scientific instruments capable of doing so.

One idea worth considering is that we might actually be part of a collective consciousness, and this would explain a great deal of the phenomena that we have individually and collectively observed but have not found a scientific explanation for- yet. It’s worth considering, at least- for two reasons and probably more. One, that science itself is on a quest now to see how indeterminate possibilities become definitive form, and the other that the attempted exclusion of subjective experience from scientific study isn’t valid since all measurements take place there, anyhow. This holds doubly true if our individual consciousness or awareness is nothing more than a finely filtered part of a Greater one.

Einstein at one time mocked quantum physics by having the observation that it would require, “Spooky action at a distance”. He was a great mind, but he was shown to be incorrect, quantum physics does indeed produce that effect and it’s possible that a collected, shared consciousness, space-less, timeless, and without physical form maybe responsible for that. It’s time to study awareness.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“Do I feel the tug of connectedness beyond my physical being?”

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