Daily Nugget of Gold 1481

Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

Daily Nugget of Gold 1481

Conditioned Shyness

One of the biggest reasons we think people might not succeed is because they’ve formed the habit of being shy. Human relationship builder Dale Carnegie told a story of how a farmer had a stump in a riding path and his horse “shied” every time it came up on that stump. The farmer decided to pull the stump up and get rid of it, but yet the horse continued to shy for years every time he came up on that point in the path, even though the stump was removed. The memory of stubbing his hoof on that stump was more powerful than the reality of it being gone.

Are we sometimes shy for no good reason? You bet. Almost everyone out there is afflicted with this condition to some extent. Most of us have let our potential success slip through our grasp because of it. We allow our conditioning to stop us in our tracks from seeking the better job, from asking for a raise in pay, or maybe finding our perfect romantic match. We become great at making excuses for ourselves, too- mainly because we also shy away from admitting to ourselves that we have lowered our standards due to fear.

If all of this weren’t bad enough, it gets deeper- much deeper. The conditioning goes down into our subconscious mind and not only affects our behavior without us even being aware of it- but it also messes with our responses from The Law of Attraction. You see, The Law of Attraction responds to how we feel on an emotional basis, and the deeper and stronger those emotions are, the harder it is to get The Law of Attraction to bring us things which favor us- if our emotional response to things is negative.

We can overcome the shyness we’ve settled for, but it takes effort. Often our first impulse we have when presented with an opportunity is the one we want to act on. We want to capture that impulse by acting on it immediately when it shows up. If we fail to do that with 5 seconds, we are likely to let that opportunity die right there. Acting on our first instinct regularly will form the habit of acting on our best judgment, not the judgment clouded by “stinkin’ thinkin’” as it were. We can do better than that. All we need to do is realize there is no stump in the road, unless we put one there.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Have I let shyness rule my life?”

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