Daily Nugget of Gold 1483

The mind commands the body and it obeys. The mind orders itself and meets resistance.” – Saint Augustine

Daily Nugget of Gold 1483

Let’s Get Physical

No, this isn’t a tribute to Olivia Newton John, but rather a piece on how combining our mental visualizations with physical actions can help to strengthen them. Does this sound silly? We hope not, but if it does, let’s consider just how intertwined our physical bodies are with our minds.

Let’s role-play a little here. Imagine you’re depressed, really depressed. Act out the part. Slump your shoulders, look down, go limp, frown and begin feeling the emotion of depression. Really get into it. Now hold that posture, keep that pose and muscle tonality and try and feel happy and upbeat. Not easy to do that, is it? Now pose with your shoulders back, you head held up high, and a smile on your face and then try and feel depressed. Once again, the physical cues you are sending to the brain conflict with your posture and it makes it darned near impossible to feel differently than what you are physically acting out.

So why do we bring this up? Because, as you may already realize, visualization is a wonderful tool to help you get what you want. If we want to make that tool even more powerful, we can get our physical body into the mix and act out the part of us having what it is we really want. If you’re reading this, then it’s likely you saw the movie introducing The Law of Attraction called The Secret. You might remember the part where Mike Dooley gets us to imagine that we are driving the car of our dreams. He starts by having us look at the back of our hands and study them, then imagine those hands wrapped around the steering wheel of that brand new car.

In the movie, the scene at that time shows a man in his comfy chair acting out the part, pretending he is driving a classy sports car. His hand works the imaginary shift stick and he is seeing himself speeding down the highway in this fast car. This exercise in the movie isn’t meant to be taken figuratively, Mike is encouraging us to really blend our physical actions with our emotionally charged visualization so as to drive the desire deep down into the subconscious mind where The Law of Attraction will act on it.

If you have an important goal or dream you want to achieve, add the power of your physical actions to make it happen sooner and you should be surprised at the results!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to deeply implant my dream in my subconscious mind?”

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