Daily Nugget of Gold 1484

The worst wheel of the cart makes the most noise.” – Benjamin Franklin

Daily Nugget of Gold 1484

Quiet Time

Noise, it’s not what you think it is. We think of noise as sounds which invade our space, and the sounds come from a variety of sources. Some of those sources are other living beings nearby. It could be noise from humans, dogs, cats, crickets or any one a million other things. Noise could be the sound of engines or maybe trucks traveling down the highway. We may have television, radio, cell phone, or computer generated sounds, music, or what have you. No matter what the sources of noise are, our mind has a natural filter in which it will place things that aren’t important into the background, while bringing to our attention those things we need to hear.

The last sentence in that paragraph might be surprising to you, especially if you’ve been victim to some sort of an annoying noise. There is a good rule of thumb in life and it applies to noise as well. “Whatever we put our attention on, grows in our life”. This is why when we become annoyed by something, say a particular noise, it bothers us more and more. Annoyance is an emotional response to a certain situation, and our attention thus becomes directed to whatever we are reacting to and even a faint noise becomes intolerable.

In keeping with our tradition of managing to stay off topic in the beginning of a Nugget, we sometimes notice the conversation goes into a direction we weren’t expecting to go. This time is no exception to this, oddly enough. We were going to talk about a different kind of noise, but then we found ourselves discussing the focusing of emotions based on noise and how that can amplify even little distractions. Let’s stick with that for now and then next time we’ll make the point we came here to make- about another kind of noise.

Back to the annoying noises- we notice them because they are unwanted and we find them disturbing our attention from what we are trying to do- whether it’s sleeping, concentrating, listening to someone or something else, or what have you. The way to move an unwanted noise into the background is to bless it or whomever is making it, and release it back to the universe at large. We can state that we are at peace now, an we wish peace upon the source of the noise as well as we freely and completely forgive it- which is to let it go. Next, we can turn our attention onto something else, whether it’s our breathing, a conversation we’re having or whatever. We can express our desire to invite those things in.

When at first we practice these techniques, we might find ourselves slipping back into the habit of paying attention to the unimportant things, but as we develop our strength with practice we will find ourselves in a blissful existence more often. We’ll discuss the other kind of noise, next time. See you then!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves:

What can I do to remind myself not to get upset about things that aren’t important to me?”

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