Daily Nugget of Gold 1485

It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness.” – Thomas Jefferson

Daily Nugget of Gold 1485

Internal Noise

Okay, now that we’ve discussed all the noise out there in the world, we’ll begin discussing what we wanted to write our last nugget about- the kind of noise we don’t even consider noise. That would be our own internal chatter. For one thing, we have that running dialogue in the mind with that person we see as ourselves, commenting on stuff all day long. Often this voice says things we would not dare to say aloud, but that’s really neither here nor there. We just want to give a nod to the existence of that voice for now.

The next thing we want to address is the other noises we have going on in our heads- like those times we repeat over and over again what we’ve heard someone say, particularly if it bothered us. What’s worse is that we add video to that as well, and while we might not consider the video playback to be “noise” as it were- it is exactly that. If you want evidence of that, consider this: Going over something again and again in our mind takes us out of the present moment and interferes with what we have going on in the “here and now” doesn’t it? That’s noise.

Another source of internal noise would be songs or beats we have playing in our heads. “Ear worms” some people call them. Sometimes, oddly enough, we don’t even like the song we’ve got stuck in our minds. Even if it’s a song we enjoy, again- it adds little to the present moment and what our senses have to engage in- in fact- it subtracts from the present moment of the here and now.

Alright, so why do we bring this all up? We’ve heard people extoll the idea of “living in the moment” or being “mindful” of the activity we’re engaged in, but internal noises like these can severely diminish our ability to do any of that. Most people don’t even consider the things we mentioned above as noise, though, and that’s unfortunate. People who do get this are generally going to be folks who meditate because reducing chatter of all kinds is what we do when we meditate.

You don’t need to meditate to reduce frivolous brain chatter, however. One only needs to put their awareness on it and let go of what they don’t wish to have running like an endless tape or script in the mind. Be careful of substituting one worthless noise for another, though- nothing will be accomplished. The more we practice the art of just letting go of noise internally, the better we’ll get at it. Then we can truly live in the moment, peacefully and with purpose.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What noises do I have rattling around in my head?”

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