Daily Nugget of Gold 1489

I decided to start anew, to strip away what I had been taught.” – Georgia O’Keeffe

Daily Nugget of Gold 1489

Restart Button

We’re pretty familiar with the idea of restarting, or “rebooting” our computers. It’s simply amazing how many problems we can effectively solve by just doing this simple process. For our mental health, a good night’s sleep is similar in quality to what the restart button does for our computers. The only thing is that when we’re all tensed up by stress or stressful issues, it’s not easy getting that sleep. We’re here today to help with that.

As we climb into bed, it does very little good if all we do is run through again all of the stuff that’s stressing us out. That can make us toss and turn and toss some more. What we want to do is to run a “blanket forgiveness” by forgiving everyone and everything that might have harmed us in any way, intentionally or not. Right there some people will object and say, “Hey, there are some things (or people) I just can’t forgive” but if we’re wise we’ll let go of these things, too. Staying angry about something is like taking a hot coal and making a fist with it with the intent of hurting whomever made us mad. There’s only one person getting burned this way.

Next we want to fully and completely forgive ourselves for anything we may have done, too- intentional or not. By letting go we can vow to do better next time. Crying over spilled milk does no one any good.

Now as we lay down we can take some slow, deep, cleansing breaths. Then we can gently tell each body part to relax. “My feet are relaxed, my lower legs are relaxed, my thighs are relaxed…” and so on. As we do this we let go of any tension or tenseness in our bodies.

The next day will bring new challenges for sure, and some of the old ones may revisit as well- but you’ll awaken renewed and refreshed. The more that we practice this ritual for sleep, the better at resetting ourselves we get. Blessings to you and yours!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I let my stress go like a warm shower running off of my fingertips?”

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