Daily Nugget of Gold 1490

Sameness is the mother of disgust, variety the cure.” – Petrarch

Daily Nugget of Gold 1490


We like to think of ourselves as open minded, don’t we? We think most folks would see themselves that way. The reality is probably a bit different- but in order to keep this conversation out of many of the filters we’ve installed- let’s not talk about you- the reader. Let’s talk about other people.

When it comes to religion, do you think most people evaluate multiple religious concepts before whittling down their choices to one of a few, and then do some serious consideration over the final choice? Most religious people either adopt their parent’s beliefs or maybe attend the most prevalent religious institutions of their geographical area. Now, it might be that they feel somewhat ambivalent about which religion to be part of, after all- they pretty much are all roads leading to the same destination, right?

Well, it seems for the most part, the various denominations and sects usually like to think that their approach is best, or in some cases, is exclusively the only acceptable path. We might be flexible in which one live by, but it sure seems that the leaders of many religious organizations don’t see it that way. Let’s forget religion for now. Let’s focus on consumerism, shall we?

Do you know people who only buy one brand of something and never another? How about folks who go to their favorite restaurant and order the same thing almost every time? How many different foods do you see people, your friends or relatives, for instance- make to eat at their home?

What internet sites do the people you know go to the most? How many different sources of news do people turn to? It seems that people have favorites for nearly everything, and in a way- this makes sense. They get a sense of themselves and what they like and don’t spend a lot of time doing things, consuming things, and choosing things they don’t care for.

We brought up this conversation focusing on the people you know, only to come to the point of asking you to do a little soul-searching. How open minded do you see yourself as being? It’s something to think about.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How much of my decisions are based on thought rather than habit?”

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