Daily Nugget of Gold 1491

Every day brings new choices.” – Martha Beck

Daily Nugget of Gold 1491

Filters Explained

Our last session talked about the mental filters people install in themselves and the effect these filters have in narrowing down our variety of experiences. What? We didn’t actually talk about that- only that we seem to adopt habits that begin to confirm and reaffirm what we already like? Well, that’s true- but this is where we were headed with this discussion.

We do want to think of ourselves as open minded but we make our choices as to what to do, what to think about, what to believe in and so much more based on the deep ruts of habit we create in our minds. The rather insidious problems that get created here have different symptoms which we usually complain about. Boredom, tedium, lack of adventure to name a few. All because we grow so used to “coloring in the lines” we forget what thrills might await us if we expand our choices.

Here’s an exercise for you to try. When you go to the grocery store, take note of the things you place in the cart. Are they something you’ve purchased before in the last month or year? The average supermarket has over 10,000 choices of items to buy, how often are you “coloring outside of the lines” in these shopping trips?

A medium size city probably has 100 or so places to eat out, name all of those that you tried where you live. On another front, there are probably dozens of ways you could drive or walk to work or school, and yes, some seem to be shorter or faster than others. Other than being detoured for some reason, how often do you take a different route?

As you’ve narrowed down your political affiliations, how much time and energy do you spend listening- really listening- to other people’s ideas that might conflict with your own? So often when we “listen”, we are really looking for the one “bogus” thing which we believe will disqualify virtually everything else they’re saying.

Let’s live a little more in unfiltered mode and enliven our lives a bit more, shall we?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What good is there in having a wide variety of choices if I only choose the same thing again and again?”

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