Daily Nugget of Gold 1492

Limits, like fear, is often an illusion.” – Michael Jordan

Daily Nugget of Gold 1492

Amazing Feats

We admit it, we’ve grown fond of watching magicians perform. Well, great magicians, that is. We’re not talking about the people who do their illusions with a camera crew and do fancy editing to make the magic seem real. We mean the folks that use the tools of their hands and bodies to seemingly do the impossible. We all know that as far as performance art is concerned, “magic” isn’t truly magic, but rather a carefully practiced, rehearsed, and performed illusion. We’re rather fond of illusions, probably more than the average Joe. Why? Because we live in one, as we’ve pointed out several times.

We’ll put that last sentence aside for now and just focus on what makes an illusion seem real. Magicians do it with sights, sounds, and convincing movements- sometimes done slowly, but often done rapidly. One of the things magicians like to use is a large movement to conceal a little one. Our normal way of processing what we see is to focus on the dramatic, dominant movements because these in the past kept us alive. No need to worry about the bunny in the corner of our view when in the distance there’s a lion charging at us. We’re hard wired to focus on the big, important things, not the subtle sleights of hand that a magician uses.

Let’s get back into blending the illusions of magicians with the other illusions which continuously have us fooled, much of the time. Spiritual life is the subtle part of life, except that in the Spiritual domain, that’s where true “magic” happens. Non-material things like ambition, attitude, love, faith, hope and all are the real driving forces that allow us to not only function in this “material world” but also allow us to develop and become better human beings depending on how much we work at refining those qualities instead of our attention to physical matter.

We’ve stated it before, and it’s astonishing to think about, that we’re all fooled- usually to a large extent- but some of us to a lesser extent, by physical matter because as science is rapidly finding out, there’s nothing there. You might believe that to be true or you might consider it hogwash. Suppose it is true for a moment, though. If it were true that physical matter doesn’t actually have an existence outside of our awareness, then what’s left? We are, as aware beings, and that’s truly magical.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do in my life to create a little magic with the people I love?”

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