Daily Nugget of Gold 1495

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

Daily Nugget of Gold 1495

Unintended Consequences

Oh, that’s bad, isn’t it? When we do something we believe to be positive or progressive, we might trigger something else which is a negative result. That’s how this phrase is usually used, but to be clear, let’s give a couple of examples.

Our family had a dog once and we wanted to reward her for going outside and doing her business when we wanted her to. So, we decided to give her one of those dog treats as a reward when she came in. Well, it work so well that she started wanting to go out again and again and again. Obviously, we sent the wrong message- unintentionally. Another example might be the safety net of unemployment insurance. It can be a wonderful thing if a family suddenly finds itself without the breadwinner’s income. On the other hand, it might just deter a person from truly doing everything they could do to secure gainful employment, at least while the money’s still coming in.

Those were just two examples of unintended consequences, but you probably can think of many more. The negative consequences are not what we came to write about when we decided to write this piece today. It seems to us that “unintended consequences” can cut both ways. Most people in life focus on the negative, but that doesn’t mean you have to. When we do something positive, we also set ourselves up for unintended consequences which reward rather than punish us for what we did. In fact, the rewards usually outweigh any negative things that happen. Since people will focus on the negative so willingly, a lot of positive things get missed.

Having empathy towards someone going through a tough time might not be trumpeted to the world by that person, but someone who we weren’t even aware had witnessed it, might open doors for us down the road by telling and re-telling the story. We weren’t in it for that, of course- but the positive consequence could happen just the same. Yeah, you could call this Karma. Yes, it’s also how The Law of Attraction works in our lives. We just want to remind folks that life likes to accumulate what we put into it. Our focus drives the quality of what we get, too. If we do good deeds expecting negative things to come of them, we likely won’t be disappointed. What’s in our hearts is what we reap, so don’t shy away from doing what’s right because of unintended consequences. If our thoughts are pure, the consequences of our actions are likely to be delightfully wonderful as well.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Isn’t it possible to trigger a chain of positive events with a single gesture of kindness?”

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