Daily Nugget of Gold 1498

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen Hawking

Daily Nugget of Gold 1498

Change is the Constant

We’re so nostalgic, aren’t we? We remember “what it was like when we were growing up” and we often reminisce about “how things used to be”. Sometimes we’re just hoping that society had higher moral standards, you know, like “we used to have”. Sound familiar? You bet. We think that one reason we look so fondly on the past is that we’ve forgotten all of the issues we had then. Sometimes, when looking back at our childhood days, we’re really not taking into account all the stuff that was going on which- at that time- we weren’t aware of. Why? Because those worries were what consumed our parent’s attention, not ours.

As we begin to strut our stuff in adulthood, we soon find that the world is fraught with problems and that every time we think we might be moving ahead, change seems to rear its ugly head and suddenly we’re in the middle of either learning a different way of doing something or even learning entirely new things. This is probably most evident in what happens when a new computer operating system gets introduced. Suddenly we feel lost and we find ourselves complaining about the new stuff.

No matter what aspect of life we are looking at, the one constant that we can depend upon to always be there is change. Change is in and of itself one thing we can always count on. If we don’t feel good about change, then what we can extrapolate from that is we won’t feel good about life, either. Now, if that’s how you feel, may we suggest something? It might be time to change the way you feel about change. Oh, gee, really? The solution for change is more change? Yup.

Let’s redefine change by getting excited about it. Let’s look at it as a treasure hunt for new and better ideas and opportunities. Let’s be willing to let go of “the way things used to be” so that we might be able to improve the future through adaptation rather than live in fear. Change is really our friend, not our foe. Change allows us the chance to improve upon what once was mediocre or boring. Speaking of that, change- by it’s very definition, cannot be boring. That’s something to look forward to.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to become more receptive to change in my life?”

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