Daily Nugget of Gold 1501

Meditation is a vital practice to access conscious contact with your highest self.” – Wayne Dyer

Daily Nugget of Gold 1501

Some Meditation Confirmation

We know people can be skeptical about hearing that something has been discovered as being good for you or not, and probably for good reason. As we think back over our own experience in life, we can remember what seems like half a dozen times that “coffee is bad for you” followed by “coffee is good for you” studies. At the very least, it would seem to us that something which is used by so many people, including elderly folks probably isn’t bad for us in moderation. With that disclaimer in place, we commence upon today’s focus.

There’s been a study about the positive effects of mindfulness meditation. Now, in order to conduct a scientific study on the therapeutic or medicinal effects of any therapy or drug, there has to be a group given a placebo instead of the real thing, and that’s where the difficulty arises in studying something like meditation. It seems that most people know whether or not they’re meditating. In order to scientifically quantify the results, researchers had to fool some of the participants into believing they were meditating when in fact they weren’t, no easy task. Fortunately, they figured out a way to do that.

The study was a relatively small one, but it was conducted at Carnegie Melon University with the help of several other universities. What the researchers did was to recruit candidates for the study who were currently unemployed and unfamiliar with how to meditate. One half of the group they taught mindfulness meditation to and the other half they had do several mental exercises and told them they were teaching them meditation. They asked that group to allow the normal chatter in their minds while they had them practice relaxation techniques. The instructor also told them jokes to help to have them focus away from their troubles.

The sessions lasted just three days. Both groups said they felt better at the end of the sessions than they felt before. The fruits of genuine meditation where evident in the follow ups conducted with both groups. Brain scans showed increased activity in the areas of the brain that process stress in order to alleviate it in the people shown genuine meditation techniques. Further, follow up blood tests four months later showed much lower levels of a marker indicating inflammation in the body for those taught genuine meditative techniques.

Now folks, how much does it cost to meditate? Only a little bit of your time, nothing more. Learn how free on the internet and take a few moments out of every day and begin not only feeling better, but actually being better as a result. It’s so worth it. Agree?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Since most illnesses can be traced back to stress, how can I have less in my life starting right now?”

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