Daily Nugget of Gold 1503

The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Daily Nugget of Gold 1503

Too Much Drama

What are we talking about today? Are we referring to watching too much drama in movies and television? Well, yes- sort of. We were about to move away from that aspect of drama and talk about real-life drama instead. Then it occurred to us that perhaps there’s a tie-in that we were neglecting if we just focused on the real-life stuff. So since we’re looking at all aspects of this subject, let’s actually start with movies and television, particularly TV.

It’s no secret that there are shows with drama that are highly successful. Daytime shows which depict people fighting over relationships and cheating are commonplace. While many people would not believe that there is any harm in watching this sort of thing daily, we want to point out a few things to our readers which might change their opinion on that. What we’re going to discuss is something you already know to be true, and you can use your own experience to draw from as you weigh what we’re about to say.

The brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy as far as our physiological responses go. We get adrenaline rushes from being pulled into the drama and also show symptoms of stress as we get wrapped up in what we are seeing. For sure, this is to a lesser extent with things like television or movies, but you are likely keenly aware of how just watching something on the screen can elicit the same kind of responses as if it were happening right in front of us.

As we review something dramatic in our mind’s eye, we also have the same kind of natural body responses to our thoughts as if it were happening again. Haven’t you ever had something get you mad, then had some sort of distraction- and almost forgot about it, only to find yourself thinking about it again and getting mad all over again? The drama we take in puts our body on an emotional roller coaster, pushing and pulling us through state changes for no real benefit. If we are getting ourselves addicted to the fight or flight responses, are we reducing stress in our lives or increasing it?

Whether the drama is in real life or something we watch on TV or the movies, it takes a mental toll. The mental garbage we willingly take in has an effect on how we handle the stressful situations in our own lives and it’s likely not going to be of help because we are already stressed-out from all of that. Let’s work on relaxation thereapy away from drama rather than allow ourselves to be manipulated by it.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to eliminate more stress in my life?”

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