Daily Nugget of Gold 1507

Reality TV is set up to make people entertaining. A good person with values and principles is not good television.” – Ronda Rousey

Daily Nugget of Gold 1507

One of the things we thoroughly enjoy is the interaction we have with our readers on various subjects we bring to the table. As we receive email, phone calls, or even person to person feedback, it’s wonderful. Recently we wrote about drama on television and how dwelling in this world might have consequences to us in our “real lives”. A sage reader, Jodi, pointed out: “TV shows that focus mainly on drama – IE: mainly reality TV shows seem to shape our way of life in certain aspects. Almost as if they create social norms. And a bigger question is who owns these main stations and what is the real motive behind it? Is it to keep the masses of people truly disengaged from the real issues we need to shift our focus on instead…” She made several valid points here.

We’re in agreement with her sentiments, and she reminded us to address the bigger question as to why the producers of these shows make the kinds of shows they do. We believe Les Brown said that TV shows aren’t the product of the network television industry, they’re the bait. (something to that effect) The product they sell are people in the audience to their advertisers. Many people view themselves as “the customer” of television shows, but in reality- the customer of the television producers are the advertisers. Of course, this is also true of newspapers, magazines, and radio all of which are typically advertiser supported. Look at us! Supported?!! Heck, they pay ALL of the money for the media product, something that we “consumers” often lose sight of.

If there is an agenda being pushed, the best way to find out what the agenda might be would be to “follow the money”. Sometimes these advertisers want nothing more than to reach a certain segment of the population. When that happens, programming, or composition and style in the case of the written word, needs to be designed to attract that specific group of people. In order to better understand who the desired group is for a particular show or publication, look to what’s being advertised to them.

Sometimes corporations have other motives than merely selling a product. In cases like those what happens is that people in power in business want to shape the opinions of the targeted audience in one way or another, and the motive here might not be just to make immediate sales, but to shape society in such a way as to make their ventures more lucrative or perhaps to have their opinions on “the way things ought to be” more widely accepted. The bottom line we wish to focus on here is the media outlet isn’t actually the driving force behind what they present for public consumption, they are the means to that end.

We’re going to take a closer look next time at some of the advertisers sponsoring the daytime mayhem and drama. It should be fun. Thanks once again to our astute reader for helping direct us towards these issues.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Would you life be different if you examined why people you don’t know want to influence you in certain ways?”

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