Daily Nugget of Gold 1508

The real tragedy of the poor is the poverty of their aspirations.” – Adam Smith

Daily Nugget of Gold 1508

What to Buy

We all know advertisers want to sell us something, right? Obviously, most of the time it’s a product or a service, but not always. Sometimes what’s being sold is a little more involved than that. Sometimes they’d like to sell us on a concept or an idea. We’re going to talk a little about the more common advertisements seen on television programs which feature mayhem and drama in people’s lives. We’re talking about those shows which are about people cheating on each other, “who’s the father”, and that sort of thing.

We discussed how motivational speaker Les Brown pointed out that TV shows aren’t the product of the television networks- they’re the bait. The first rule of setting any trap for catching an animal or fish is to use the kind of bait that the animal can’t resist. Are we comparing animals to people? For this instance, yes. It’s why casinos use perks like free drinks and free food at the buffet for their good customers, and free hotel rooms and show tickets for the better customers, on up to free transportation in style for the best customers and more. There’s no requirement that you actually gamble, but if you don’t- the perks dry up rather quickly.

For television shows, the product they sell are a targeted audience demographic for their advertisers. Who advertises on these “train-wreck of a relationship” shows? Lawyers. Lawyers who look for clients trying to make an easy buck out of some unfortunate thing that might have happened to them. These commercials don’t sell so much the skill of the lawyer so much as getting “justice” (revenge, really) and helping you be better armed when dealing with insurers and the like. While it’s true some folks do get large judgments or settlements- it’s also true that in many cases the law firm gets the lion’s share of the rewards in such pursuits. We’re not knocking them for this, but only pointing out that they aren’t doing this solely as a service to the unfortunate because they care.

Another interesting advertising segment are those seeking to convert structured payments into immediate cash. It doesn’t matter if you got the money from a structured settlement or a lottery annuity, they’re there to help you get your money now. Of course, they charge hefty fees for that, but at least you’ll get your pockets stuffed sooner.

Why are these particular advertisers advertising on these shows? Because the shows are created to deliver the target audience. People who seek more drama in their lives tend to get it. The good news is that when tragic drama strikes, you might be able to cash in on it a little. The bad news is that when you attract dramatic tragedy into your life, you don’t get to control where it will strike, whom in your life it might hurt, and what or whom you might lose in the process. Not such a nice deal. We can choose to avoid drama or we can inundate ourselves with it. Whatever we put our attention on will grow in our lives. Think about it.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I focus on to bring more joy and happiness in my life rather than pain and misery?”

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