Daily Nugget of Gold 1512

Players are artists who create their own reality within the game.” – Shigeru Miyamoto

Daily Nugget of Gold 1512

Formed Thoughts

We’ve been discussing the recent scientific discoveries concerning how matter doesn’t come into definite form unless acted upon by a conscious agent. Oh, perhaps we hadn’t worded it that way here, but we have talked about how scientists have been amazed and astounded that there doesn’t seem to be anything physical about “physical things” It seems that even mass or weight of objects is nothing more than information coded into an object so as to give it- rather convincingly- the appearance of being rock-solid and real. The method that this clever illusion is carried out has been a hot pursuit of nuclear physicists who have spent billions and billions of dollars smashing atoms together to try and find “The God particle”.

What is interesting about all of this is that physicists are slowly, albeit rather reluctantly, coming to the realization that consciousness- not matter- is primary, and that PMR (Physical Matter Reality) may be nothing more than a subset of a greater consciousnesses system. What this means is that we live in what could be called a “virtual reality”, not a great deal different than a video game in theory, but certainly far more complex, nuanced, intricate, and seemingly real than our puny attempts to create one using audio and visual means.

Now think back to the movie, The Secret, where Mike Dooley points out that “Thoughts become things”. If consciousness is primary and matter is secondary, then it only makes sense that PMR could be shaped using thought. Former NASA physicist Tom Campbell points out there there are physics to our reality much as there are “physics” in a virtual reality game, take Mario World, for example. In that game there are certain things your character can and can’t do. This is also true of our so called, “real reality”. This rule set is what keeps the game or our own PMR from becoming a “funhouse reality” as Tom puts it.

So yes, “the rules of the game” matter- but there are moments in Mario World where we get to have super powers granted to us as a reward for doing something or finding some sort of treasure, and even the occasional glitch we might be able to exploit in the programming. In life, most things seem to stick to a fairly rigorous rule set, too, but there are certain hidden truths which can have rewards if we take advantage of them. This is why the great leaders of history have been saying to use the power of thought, and if we really think about where we stand in this PMR (Again, that’s “Physical Matter Reality”, we are very much Spiritual beings having a wonderful, richly detailed, physical existence created for us to enjoy and learn in. We become what we think about.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What shall I create today using the power of my own thoughts?”

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