Daily Nugget of Gold 1513

Unforeseen surprises are the rule in science, not the exception. Remember: Stuff happens.” – Leonard Susskind

Daily Nugget of Gold 1513

I Before E Except After C

When we were young and naive and in great need of some way to help boost our performance in spelling, say- around fourth grade, a kindhearted and well meaning teacher gave us the rule which is the title of today’s piece. We’d found a dozen ways to Sunday to mess up the spelling of virtually every word and we were especially good at misspelling words with I and E in them, or E and I in them. Now allegedly all grown up and somewhat battle-weary from our continued efforts of attempting to be something less than an atrocious speller- even with the huge advantage provided by spell checking programs, we found ourselves thinking about rules and exceptions.

If one were to believe that truth can be found on the internet, there are some 1231 exceptions to the I before E rule, according to one website (which named them). No wonder we struggled in spelling! Someone once said “rules are made to be broken” and we figured that this was probably just some deviant who didn’t wish to play nice, or perhaps some entrepreneurial spirit who instinctively knew that the way to succeed at something is to do it in a way that others hadn’t.

All of this got us to thinking about things like going to prison for stabbing someone, unless you’re a doctor and you are doing it for medicinal purposes. We also thought about how shooting someone was something that could get you in serious trouble, unless society hired you to do it for police or the military- and your act was committed in the performance of your job, in which case they might just pin a medal on you.

As scientists discover that the rules of physical matter reality (PMR) aren’t so cut-and-dry as they once thought, they are finding more and more exceptions to things they once thought were rules- or laws- cast in stone. It seems that the stone itself isn’t rock-solid, but merely a cleverly engineered fabrication for our benefit. The rules we etch into those stones are only true to the extent that the stone used is real- and it’s not! If we truly want to advance and progress, it seems that we ought to give the Spiritual basis of all things that exist the credit due. Any rules we might discover which help us understand what is real and what isn’t would then be better understood by us if we kept in mind how flexible rules tend to be.. Scientists have backed away from calling certain principles “laws” now, and are more apt to characterize them as “observations”. We’d be wise to keep that in mind.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to help myself grow Spiritually?”

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