Daily Nugget of Gold 1515

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Daily Nugget of Gold 1515

Complexity and Simplicity of All

We’ve got to thinking again about how wonderful and intricate we and everything in our world truly is. We do this not from the standpoint of a living being so much as the player playing a video game. Since science has been showing our reality to be something created by consciousness, that means that what we see before us in this “game” is pretty much a virtual reality. Unlike the “reality” we see in a video game, however, the programming of this game has been so incredibly detailed and amazing that if we really ponder it all, it’s jaw-dropping and mind-boggling all at once.

Consider the character of a video game, for the most part, they are a few hundred pixels on the screen. Yet, they move around and do things and occasionally get hurt and “die” although death never lasts too long. Cut one open in even the most advanced games and maybe they ‘bleed”, but there usually isn’t more to it than that. There is something akin to gravity in the game, and there are a few rules to how the character can move about and all.

Now take the virtual reality we live in. If we look at all of the amazing aspects of biology and physiology which make up what we are, right on down to the microscopic level, there is always another realm which not only explains and informs our macro world, but complements it precisely in proportion and function. Everything is perfectly ordered in such a way as to explain and demonstrate the next level up from the most minuscule detail.

Science, for a time, has been giving credit to evolution for this almost incomprehensible order of things in nature, and for a while, their arguments that evolution and natural selection was the sole source of everything organic seemed to make some sense. That is, until we started getting acquainted with how matter itself doesn’t come into form unless acted on by a conscious agent. Then all bets were off. Now we can stand back from the whole of physical existence and truly give whole hearted praise for the handy work of the Creator, for there really is no other viable explanation anymore other than that this was created for us by- not just “intelligent design” but by an incomprehensibly complex and stunningly magnificent Being. We seem to live in a dream in the mind of God. That’s a cool thing, isn’t it?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can we do today to truly appreciate the fantastic nature of our being?”

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