Daily Nugget of Gold 1516

Only that which is always with you can be said to be your self and if you look closely and simply at experience, only awareness is always ‘with you’.” – Rupert Spira

Daily Nugget of Gold 1516

What We Know for Sure

What if we are having a dream, is that reality? We certainly think it is while we’re dreaming, don’t we? Sometimes we get so involved in a dream that if we are engaged in some sort of struggle, we might wake up perspiring, with our heart pounding, and out of breath. So real are some dreams that while they’re happening, that we have no idea that they aren’t our normal reality. All of this begs the question, if dreams seem to be so real sometimes, how do we really know our reality is real for sure? That’s a good question, and one we wish to spend a little time with today.

So what is it that we know for sure? What can we put our finger on and say, without any doubt what-so-ever, is absolutely true. What is as true a statement in a dream as it is in our lives? The one thing we know for certain is that we are aware. There’s one more thing that most people would readily agree upon, not only that we’re aware, but that we are aware of being aware. Think about that important distinction for a moment.

While we may not be aware of our surroundings while we are having a dream, we are aware of what’s happening in that dream. That thought forms the basis for what we want to run up the flagpole next. In our day to day reality, we may not be able to identify whether its real or not, but we can point out that we are aware of it. Magicians and optical illusions show how easily our senses can be fooled, the sounds we hear while watching a movie aren’t actually recorded into it until post-production, so our hearing is often fooled by sound artisans called ‘foley artists”. While all our senses tell us we are surrounded by material objects, science doesn’t support this claim.

Yet, in all of it, we are aware. Further, we are aware that we are aware, and knowing that is the doorway to enlightenment. We still need to progress- or better yet- regress through that doorway to get a true handle on that. Whether we do this or not isn’t a given, but the one thing we have which we may depend upon is that we are aware, and we know that because we are aware that we are aware. This is the essential stuff of life, the central truth to which we can attach whatever else there is.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What am I completely and absolutely sure of?”

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