Daily Nugget of Gold 1518

If you want to be happy, be.” – Leo Tolstoy

Daily Nugget of Gold 1518

The State of Mind of Happiness

What is it that makes us feel happy? Ask a thousand different people, you might get a thousand different answers. Oh, we suppose some answers would pop up more than once, things like, “being home with my loving family” or “hitting it big in the lottery” might come up more than once, but you know what we mean, there’s a great deal of diversity to be had with a question like that. People do feel happy about different things. As a result of that, there’s no way for us here to gauge what it is that would make you happy…or is there?

Our title hints at where the common element to happiness may lie, it’s in the sate of mind. So often we confuse what makes us happy with something that might be at a different stage of the process. For instance, winning the lottery: Is it being presented with the big check that’s the fun part? Well, sure that’s fun, but if that’s all there was to it, have your kids make one up and have them invite your friends and the media and have them give it to you. Oh! We see! It’s not the big check that’s what truly makes you happy, it’s what that check represents. Say it’s for a million dollars. You’re not getting excited over the presentation of the check, you’re excited about the cash, right?

Not so fast…. is it really the cash you crave? If it is, why not print up a bunch of green pieces of paper with a dead president’s portrait (OK, Ben Franklin wasn’t a president, but just go with it for a moment) on each one and wallow in it all. Not the same thing, is it? It’s not paper with portraits you want, but what it symbolizes. It’s the value you can trade to get the things and services that will make you happy, right?

Suppose you wanted a fancy new car, and the big check represents the money, the money represents the value, and the purchase of the car with the value that each of those represents is what you claim will make you happy, if that’s what you said. Do you have to have the car to feel that way? Not necessarily. You can imagine it in your mind, and you can feel that way now if you choose to. You actually don’t need the car for that, only a good imagination. You say you’re not good at imagining things? Nonsense! You imagine you’ll be happy getting the car, otherwise, you wouldn’t want one! The bottom line is that we don’t need things or events to make us happy, happiness comes from within, not from without. The state of mind of happiness, true happiness, is something we create for ourselves. Or not.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to feel happier right now?”

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